Peter Bjorn and John perform in the Current studio

The Swedish trio Peter, Bjorn and John sit down in the studios of 89.3 The Current to perform their hit single "Young Folks" from their album Writer's Block. (MPR Video)
Peter Bjorn and John performs in the Current Studios
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Peter and Bjorn had been playing music together for eight years and then in 1999 they met John. The following year, they formed the band. They released their debut album Peter Bjorn and John in 2002 with the follow up, Falling Out released in 2004.

With the release of their third and most successful album, Writer's Block, Peter Bjorn & John gave us the year's most popular whistle on the track Young Folks which has been called an "Indie-Rock Anthem."

The gentlemen stopped by The Current studios before their First Ave gig and played a few live songs including an acoustic version of their "anthem."

Songs performed: "Paris 2004," "Let's Call It Off," and "Young Folks."

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