Rogue Wave perform in The Current studios

Zach Rogue
Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave (Minnesota Public Radio / Lindsay Kimball)
Rogue Wave performs in The Current studios
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What's the best thing to do when you find yourself unemployed? Well, go to New York City, do some recording, head back to San Francisco, ditch your solo project and form your own indie-rock band. That's exactly what Zach Rogue did when he left his solo project, Desoto Reds, to form Rogue Wave at the end of 2002.

After only playing a few shows, the band was signed to Sub Pop where they remastered and reissued their debut album "Out Of The Shadow." On September 18th, they released their most recent record "Asleep At Heaven's Gate," which is being put out by Brushfire Records (home to Jack Johnson and G. Love).

They stopped by our studios to chat with Barb Abney before their show at the 400 Bar.

Songs Performed: "Lake Michigan," "Lullaby," and "Christians In Black."

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