Ann Reed talks about the Song for Minnesota - Part 3

Songs for Minnesota
Songs for Minnesota (Minnesota Public Radio)

Word association: what word do you think of when you think of Minnesota? That's the latest idea Ann Reed would like to hear from you.

Ann is continuing her statewide tour this week and is asking listeners and audience members to help write a new Minnesota song. So far, listeners have helped come up with a general tone for the song and Ann has dealt with hundreds of suggestions about words that rhyme with Minnesota, and parts of the state that should be considered in the song.

But the new question is: When you hear "Minnesota", what word comes to mind? Walleyes? Blizzards? Lakes?

Ann's concert tour takes her to Duluth, Morris, St. Joseph, Bemidji, and Winona. She wraps up the tour with a concert at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul in May.

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