Billy Bragg performs live from SXSW

Billy Bragg: Interview (Minnesota Public Radio/Bo Hakala)
Billy Bragg peforms live from SXSW
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With a music career spanning over two decades, the sometimes folk and sometimes punk singer/songwriter Billy Bragg has teamed up with legendary artists like Wilco and Johnny Marr (The Smiths) as well as new artists like Kate Nash in addition to his abundant solo work.

Jump-starting his music career by impersonating a television repair person, Bragg made it into the office of an A&R rep to release his first record in 1983. Bragg is playing SXSW in anticipation of his new album titled "Mr. Love & Justice" coming out April 22.

Songs performed: "Farm Boy," "Old Clash Fan Fight Song," and "The Great Leap Forward."

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  • Billy Bragg live from SXSW
    Billy Bragg live from SXSW (Minnesota Public Radio / Ali Lozoff)