Darondo and Nino Moschella perform live from SXSW

Darondo: How I Got Over performed live at SXSW (Minnesota Public Radio/Bo Hakala)

Here's the short story: being compared to Al Green, he recorded three soul singles in the early 1970s, disappeared for 25 years until BBC Radio 1 host Gilles Peterson brought Darondo, also known as Double D or Dynamite D, out of hiding in 2005 on his "Gilles Peterson Digs America" compilation. That's also the long story.

Nino Moschella
Nino Moschella (Photo courtesy Ubiquity Records)

Most of those 25 years remain a mystery. He visits our stage at SXSW with Nino Moschella, a 29-year-old soulful, multi-instrumentalist.

Songs performed: "Bedroom," "How I Got Over," and " Legs, Pt. 1."

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  • Darondo and Nino Moschella
    Darondo and Nino Moschella (Minnesota Public Radio / Ali Lozoff)