Peter Ostroushko performs in The Current studio

Peter Ostroushko
Peter Ostroushko (Photo by Ann Marsden)

"Lordy Lucas!" That was almost the name of the Peter Ostroushko's Heartland Band, but an executive nixed it. No matter what you call it, Ostroushko's band and concerts over the past several years in the Midwest have gathered fans for the local musician.

Ostroushko has a long career in the music industry that started in high school and has included many concerts and recording sessions, including an appearance on Bob Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" record, as well as several of his own recordings. He also was a regular on A Prairie Home Companion for several years.

Peter, along with bassist Joel Sayles and percussionist Marc Anderson stopped by the studio to play a few songs for Dale and Jim Ed.

Songs performed: "Old Grey Mare," and "Working on a Building."

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