Arctic expedition records signs of global warming

Steger's 2008 Ellesmere Island Expedition
Steger's 2008 Ellesmere Island Expedition (Courtesy of the Will Steger Foundation)
Polar explorer Will Steger in Canadian Arctic
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Today is Earth Day. Minnesotan and polar explorer Will Steger will spend the day on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic. Steger is leading a 1400-mile dogsled expedition across the island; he hopes to record the impact of global warming on the northernmost part of the North American continent. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer talked with Steger by satellite phone.

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  • Will Steger leads Ellesmere Island Expedition
    Will Steger is leading a team of young adventurers from across the globe. (Courtesy of the Will Steger Foundation)
  • Steger's dogs
    Steger's dogsled expedition will cover 1400 miles. (Courtesy of the Will Steger Foundation)