Krista Detor performs in The Current studio

Singer / Songwriter Krista Detor
Singer / Songwriter Krista Detor (Photo courtesy the artist)
Krista Detor performs in The Current studio
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Krista Detor has roots all over the U.S., including California, North Dakota, and her current home in Bloomington, Indiana. She's moved around a lot in her career and her touring schedule echoes that long road. She'll be doing her third European tour in 12 months in March of 2009.

Krista is currently traveling around with a holiday show, "A Traveler In Winter," which includes a full band, an author, and storyteller. She and her producer/guitar player Dave Weber stopped into the Morning Show studio in the midst of her Midwest tour to play a few songs for Dale and Jim Ed.

Songs performed: "Steal Me a Car" and "How Will I Know?"