Gypsy Mania performs on Radio Heartland

Gypsy Mania
Gypsy Mania (Photo courtesy the artist)
Gypsy Mania performs on Radio Heartland
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"Hot club" jazz isn't new to Minnesota. In fact, there are several bands in the region performing the 20th Century style of jazz attributed to Django Reinhardt and Stephanne Grappelli. And the members of Gypsy Mania say the Twin Cities, in fact, has become the center for that style of music lately.

Gypsy Mania is a quartet made up of local musicians, Glen Helgeson, Reynold Philipsek, Gary Schulte and Jeff Brueske. They have released a new self-titled record and, with the help of percussionist Michael Bissonnette, they performed some songs in the studio for Radio Heartland's Dale Connelly.

Songs performed: "Bar Del Pi," "Butterfly," and "It Don't Mean A Thing."

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