Cory Chisel performs in The Current studios

Corey Chisel and the Wandering Sons
Folk-rock musician Corey Chisel (Photo by St. Vincent Skeltis / Courtesy of RCA Records)
Corey Chisel & The Wandering Sons perform in The Current studio
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Growing up in an Appleton, Wis. household separated from pop music, Cory Chisel had to turn to other musical sources for inspiration. Gospel, blues, and Americana all played an important part in shaping his musical voice.

Recorded in Los Angeles with members of Band of Horses and The Raconteurs, his label debut, "Death Won't Send A Letter," presents a striking reinterpretation of the Americana sound.

He came to The Current studios for a live performance.

Songs performed: "Angel Of Mine", "My Heart Would Be There" and "Born Again."