Reynold Phlipsek And All The Things He Is

Reynold Philipsek
Local gypsy jazz guitarist Reynold Philipsek (Photo courtesy of the Artist)
Reynold Philpsek and All The Things He Is
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Reynold Philipsek doesn't mess around when it's time to record. That might explain why there's something like 30 albums out there with his name on them. But who's counting?

"All The Things You Are" is one of the latest recordings of Reynold and his gypsy jazz guitar playing. This album, Reynold says, is a tribute to his parents and his Slavic ancestors. He included Polish folk music as well as European jazz to create this album.

Reynold stopped in the Radio Heartland studio to talk about making "All The Things You Are."

Radio Heartland This in-studio feature aired on Radio Heartland July 25, 2010.

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