Best Coast performs in The Current studio

Best Coast
Best Coast churns '60s pop through a garage rock filter to create a hazy, laid-back sound (Photo by David Black / Courtesy of Mexican Summer)
Best Coast performs in The Current studio
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It's apparent with the album artwork, the band name and the lyrics that Bethany Cosentino belts out that she has a particular affinity for the West Coast.

With a '60s pop current churned through a garage rock filter, Cosentino's music expresses a yearning for love in California that no doubt strikes a resonant chord among people who have experienced a rocky relationship. Her songs portray a laid-back time in life where lying on the beach with friends eating an In-and-Out burger is truly the best way to spend a day (see her video for 'Boyfriend").

Best Coast's debut album "Crazy For You" is out now to critical acclaim on the esteemed Mexican Summer label, home to Washed Out, Dungen and Real Estate.

The band stopped by The Current studio for a live performance.

Songs: "The End," "Boyfriend" and "Summer Mood."