Matt Costa performs in The Current studio

Matt Costa
California-based singer-songwriter Matt Costa. (Photo by Raymond Molinar / Courtesy of Brushfire Records)
Matt Costa performs in The Current studio
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Matt Costa, like many California boys, dreamed of becoming a professional skateboarder. After a seriousd leg injury and over a year of rehab, however, he decided to focus on songwriting and playing the guitar.

During this time, Matt started recording demos and handing them out to family and friends, and ultimately a copy ended up in the hands of No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont. Eventually, the two would connect and record two independently released EPs, "Matt Costa" and "The Elasmosaurus," as well as a full-length, "Songs We Sing."

Matt Costa soon signed with Brushfire Records, and in 2006, "Songs We Sing" was revamped slightly and rereleased. In 2008, he followed that up with "Unfamiliar Faces," and "Mobile Chateau" was released earlier this year.

Matt Costa and his band stopped by The Current studio and performed: "Strings of Change," "Johnny's Love of Majik" and "Drive."