Face Candy perform in The Current studio

Face Candy performs an improvised song Live on The Local Show in the studios of 89.3 The Current. (Nate Ryan / Maddie Butler)
Face Candy perform in The Current studio
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How does a band like Face Candy bounce back from losing its founder and one of its core members, Michael "Eyedea" Larsen, this past October? By releasing a new album, of course. The jazz/rap/trip-hop/improvisational group's latest release, Waste Age Teen Land, is the last album Eyedea performed on and produced before his untimely death. It expands upon the group's innovative sounds and lyrics -- like auto-tuned jokes -- that audiences first heard in Face Candy's improvised live performances before their 2006 debut, This Is Where We Were.

Face Candy continues to celebrate Larsen's life and contributions to the group and Minneapolis music scene at concerts like Soundset, where they asked fans to make Eyedea tribute shirts with white t-shirts and black Sharpies.

Songs perfomred: "One," "Two" and "Three."

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