9:30 Coffee Break: Innuendo

Our history highlight today was the anniversary of the recording of the Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" - arguably, one of the most innuendo-laden songs in rock history. Mick Jagger has discussed how the lyrics are a mish-mosh of lewd subjects all thrown together, even going as far as to say in a 1995 interview that he would "never write that song today."

Is it possible to do a 9:30 Coffee Break about songs containing innuendo and still have it be family-friendly (as we actually strive to be, believe it or not, here on The Morning Show)? We're going to try. So today's Coffee Break actually about sex, drugs, and other taboo subjects ... but only obliquely.

Songs played:

The Vapors "Turning Japanese"
Bessie Smith "Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl"
Pixies "Here Comes Your Man"
Led Zeppelin "Trampled Under Foot"
Detroit Cobras "Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)"
The Who "Squeezebox"

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