9:30 Coffee Break: Songs for Lance

Lance Armstrong Oprah
What will Lance and Oprah talk about? (George Burns/Harpo Studios, Inc.)

The internet gossip has been running in overdrive about Oprah interviewing Lance Armstrong tonight and the news that he will confess to taking performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career. Does he regret it? Will he cry? Does it really matter?

Since it's on many people's minds already let's dedicate today's 9:30 Coffee Break to Lance Armstrong. Feel free to get creative in your dedications for Lance.

Songs Played:

Queen - "Bicycle Race"

The Cataways - "Liar, Liar"

Roxy Music - "Love is the Drug"

The Beatles - "I'm a Loser"

Kraftwerk - "Tour De France"

Henry Rollins Band - "Liar"

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