The Throbbing Hive with John Moe: Time Rabbit

Time Rabbit app
The Time Rabbit app will help you keep an eye on how long you have been checking out Facebook. (iStockphoto, skodonnell)
Throbbing Hive w / John Moe: Rabbit
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Every Tuesday at 8:30am Wits host John Moe stops into the Morning Show to share the latest news in Technology.

Today John Moe chatted with The Morning Show's Jill Riley and Steve Seel about the second round of the Screaming Goat meme and the Time Rabbit app that keeps track of how much time you really do spend on Facebook, it's not pretty.

OutKast's "Hey Ya" as done by screaming goats:

John Moe hosts Wits at the Fitzgerald Theatre. The Spring linup for Wits was just announced and tickets are going fast.

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