9:30 Coffee Break: Slow The Flow

snowy windshield
As you drive around today, our 9:30 Coffee Break reminds you to take it "slow." (philvanove)

The weather gods have decided to dump one (hopefully) last snowstorm on Minnesotans. It's gray, dreary, and slippery out on the roads. We wanted to remind you to take it slow this morning while on your commute.

For today's 9:30 Coffee Break, we'll remind you to take it slow by playing songs with "slow" in the title or as a featured word in the lyrics. The songs themselves don't have to be slow in tempo, just have the word "slow" in them.

Don't forget to sign up for our Coffee Break on the Road. This month we'll be joined by local musician John Mark Nelson and bringing treats and coffee from Bryant Lake Bowl.

Songs Played:

Kanye West - "Drive Slow"

Foghat - "Slowride"

Beastie Boys - "Slow and Low"

Conway Twitty - "Slow Hand"

Ugly Duckling - "Slow the Flow"

Simon & Garfunkel - "59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy)"

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