Today in Music History: Elvis Feels The Burn Of Love

Elvis Burning Love cover art
Elvis recorded his last hit Today in Music History. (Album cover art)

History Highlight:

Today in 1972, Elvis Presley recorded what would be his last major hit, "Burning Love," a No.2 hit on the US chart.

Also, Today In:

1964 - The British Invasion had made its way around the world as The Beatles held down the top six spots on the Australian pop chart.

1965 - The Supremes scored their fourth US No.1 single with "Stop! In The Name Of Love."

1987 - U2 performed from the roof of a store in downtown LA to make the video for "Where The Streets Have No Name," attracting thousands of spectators and bringing traffic to a standstill. The police eventually stopped the shoot.


Jazz singer Sarah Vaughan was born today in 1934.