Atmosphere drop 'This Lonely Rose' featuring Blueprint and Aesop Rock ahead of Rhymesayers 20


Atmosphere's new single "This Lonely Rose" features Rhyemsayers artists Blueprint and Aesop Rock (Rhymesayers)
Atmosphere - This Lonely Rose feat. Blueprint and Aesop Rock
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Anticipating Rhymesayers 20th Anniversary Concert at the Target Center next month, Atmosphere have dropped a new track featuring labelmates Blueprint and Aesop Rock.

Ant's swaggering beat and Plain Ole Bill's scratches on "This Lonely Rose" highlight Slug's signature flow. Aesop Rock and Blueprint's verses provide a smart, sonic contrast to the earnest chorus sung by Blueprint ("This lonely rose, with thorns to show / It grows alone, to hard to hold"), and G Koop's fine instrumentation polishes off the track.

No word on a follow up to 2014's Southsiders just yet, but Atmosphere did release "Finer Things" featuring deM atlaS before embarking on a European tour together in September. What we do know is that both tracks highlight a handful of talented Rhymesayers artists and would sound massive performed live at the big 20th anniversary concert on Dec. 4 at the Target Center.

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