Music News: 'Freewheelin' Bob Dylan' cover photographer Don Hunstein dies at 88


Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin Bob Dylan
Album art for Bob Dylan's "The Freewheelin Bob Dylan" (Album Art)

Photographer Don Hunstein has died of Alzheimer's disease at age 88. A Columbia Records staff photographer from the 1950s into the 1980s, Hunstein was distinguished for his photographs of music stars including Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett, Barbra Streisand, Leonard Bernstein, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, and Janis Joplin.

Hunstein's most iconic image, though, is a 1963 shot of Bob Dylan and Dylan's then-girlfriend Suze Rotolo walking down Jones Street in Greenwich Village. That photograph was used for the cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. "There wasn't very much thought to it," Hunstein later recalled about the charmingly casual moment he captured. A Hunstein photo of Times Square from that era was later used for the cover of Dylan's book Chronicles: Volume One. (New York Times)

Gorillaz play new album live

Gorillaz played their entire new album Humanz on Friday at a secret show at Printworks in London. It was Damon Albarn’s first show as Gorillaz in almost seven years, and featured special guests including Vince Staples, Danny Brown, Noel Gallagher, Pusha T, Jean Michel Jarre, Kelala, Benjamin Clementine, Anthony Hamilton, and SavagesJehnny Beth. Humanz will be released on April 28. (Rolling Stone)

Michael Stipe announces book

Former R.E.M. frontman, and longtime photographer, Michael Stipe has announced that he's working on an autobiographical photo book.

"This [book] focuses on my timeline, on the work I've done all along, all through the band and back to my early 20s," said Stipe in an interview with The Creative Independent. "It's all photo based, but some of it's just documentation of things I'm obsessed with and that I focus on to make new pieces from. There are also certain things I'll take, recontextualize, and present as something completely different."

Stipe says that the book, which he's creating in collaboration with composer Jonathan Berger, is the first part in a series. No release date has yet been announced. (Pitchfork)

Varsity Theater's entertainment calendar is empty

The Varsity Theater's music and entertainment calendar is now completely empty. Comedian Russell Howard, who was scheduled to perform at the Dinkytown venue on May 14, has relocated his show to the Cedar Cultural Center after learning of sex abuse allegations involving the Varsity's owner Jason McLean.

The allegations, which concern McLean's time at the Children's Theatre Company in the 1980s, are currently the basis of multiple lawsuits against McLean, and many artists have been avoiding association with the venue since the allegations surfaced. McLean failed to appear for a scheduled deposition on Jan. 24, and an attorney representing the plaintiffs describes him as "on the legal lam." (City Pages)

Mötley Crüe biopic may come to Netflix

Mötley Crüe are in talks with Netflix to turn the band's story into a film. The basis for the film would be the 2002 book The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band, which is largely an oral history of the group. There's been off-and-on talk of turning the book into a movie since 2003, and at one point it looked like Johnny Knoxville might be cast as Nikki Sixx. (Billboard)

Future Islands make video with star ASL interpreter

A new video for Future Islands’ song "Cave" stars American Sign Language interpreter Jonathan Lamberton. Lamberton is the regular interpreter for New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, and a clip of him signing along to a winter storm briefing in 2015 became a viral hit. (The Current)

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