Watch new video of Peter Mulvey performing 'Are You Listening?'

Singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey
Singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey (Elisabeth Witt)

Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey released his latest album, Are You Listening?, on March 24, 2017. The album was produced by Ani DiFranco, and it was recorded in New Orleans with DiFranco's band.

Mulvey is celebrating 25 years as a touring musician — a career that has seen him perform more than 4,000 shows and travel more than a million miles, including an annual tour by bicycle. "Mulvey has been honing his craft for many a decade and it shows," DiFranco says. "He can play some badass guitar, sing to touch your heart, and write a song that will knock you down, and by knock you down, I mean lift you up."

On Wednesday, May 30, Mulvey shared this new video of "Are You Listening?", the title track from his new album. The video was recorded at Café Carpe in Mulvey's hometown of Fort Atkinson, Wis.; Mulvey is joined onstage by the duo SistaStrings and drummer Nathan Kilen.

"Hats off to our friend Peter Mulvey for the release of his latest album, Are You Listening, AND for passing the one-million-milepost marker in his career," Radio Heartland Program Director Mike Pengra says. "Peter travels a lot, sometimes by bike, to play gigs — ride on, Peter!"


Peter Mulvey - official site

Café Carpe, Fort Atkinson, Wis.

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  • Singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey
    Singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey makes an annual tour by bicycle. (Joanna Serraris)

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