The Current Releases Podcast Exploring Husker Du's Legacy

The Current today released Do You Remember?, a five-part narrative history of Twin Cities punk pioneers Husker Du, as told by all three members of the band, those who witnessed the beginnings, music industry insiders and iconic punk rockers. This is the first time all three members of the band have gone on record to share their story. All five episodes of the podcast will be released today.

The story of Husker Du is one of rock's most legendary--three punk misfits joined forces in St. Paul, Minn., and became the world's fastest band, then slowed down to become simply one of the best. Led by not one but two world-class singer-songwriters in guitarist Bob Mould and drummer Grant Hart, the trio--filled out by bassist Greg Norton--epitomized the DIY spirit, sharp-edged songwriting, and blazing performances of '80s indie rock. Do You Remember? is the Husker Du story told through the vivid reminiscences of the band, as well Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, and a host of lifers, insiders, and associates. Intimate, funny, and full of detailed insight into a legendary world.

Highlights from the interviews:

"There was no working class punks at all, and when we first came on the scene people thought that we were like Hell's Angels or something because we defied their definition. I don't want to overuse the word 'posers', but there was no working class punk until Husker Du came along."--Grant Hart

"We were huge music fans. We were students. We took everything in. We made it our own unique voice, and I think it changed the world for a select group of people. It certainly did not change the entire world of pop music, but I think for people who were affected by it, there was nothing before and after. It was that band."--Bob Mould

"We'd been playing for a couple of years, and that was still a part of Husker Du, that melodic side that the pop side - we never really forgot that. I always like to say that Husker was the hardcore punk band that you could whistle their tunes. Numero - the thing I love about this box set is that a lot of that stuff finally gets to see the light of day."--Greg Norton

"You have Greg the bass player kind of holding it down, and then you have Bob Mould, who is brilliant, but he just kind of kept everything in check. And then there's Grant on drums and vocals, who was also brilliant, but was kind of this tornado, yelling and screaming and bashing away, and so you had this thing that was trying to keep itself together while it tore itself apart, like both sides of the brain - the intellectual and the emotional - were all happening at once...One guy's trying to keep it together, one guy's trying to rip it apart, and it's almost like a celebratory, shamanistic kind of way, and it was just an interesting kind of tension."--Henry Rollins

The podcast also dives into "Savage Young Du," the new remastered box set of the band's early releases, demos and live recordings, scheduled for release by Numero Group in early November.

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