Seratones - Gotta Get To Know Ya

Seratones - Power (New West Records)
Seratones - Gotta Get To Know Ya
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Today's Song of the Day is "Gotta Get To Know Ya" from Seratones' new record, Power, out now.

Seratones will be playing The Current's 15th Anniversary Party at First Avenue on Saturday, January 18th.

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  • Album of the Week: Seratones, 'POWER' Yes, POWER does refer to global themes and dynamics but it is also much more personally revealing than the debut and that intimacy lends strength to the songs. "I've learned that as artists, we will be rewarded for our vulnerability," AJ Haynes explained, and one of the most powerful phrases anyone has uttered in our studio.
  • Seratones play a 'Power'-ful session in The Current studio The Shreveport, La., five-piece visited The Current to play songs from 'Power,' their second full-length release. 'I'd never really had an anxiety about a sophomore record,' says lead singer and guitarist AJ Haynes. 'You know: buy the ticket, take the ride.'
  • The Current's Guitar Collection: AJ Haynes of Seratones, Fender Jazzmaster Following Seratones' recent studio session, frontperson AJ Haynes took some time to tell us about why she plays a Fender Jazzmaster. 'It just suits me,' she says. 'I love a good surf sound and it's got that impeccably.' Find out more about AJ Haynes and her guitar of choice.
  • Seratones perform in The Current studio Shreveport, La., band Seratones were signed to Fat Possum Records in 2015, and released their debut album, 'Get Gone', in May 2016. They've been touring heavily since then. 'You're constantly riding in and out of an adrenalin rush,' says frontperson AJ Haynes. 'It's kind of addictive, actually!' Before a show at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minn., Seratones stopped at The Current for a session hosted by Bill DeVille.