Heartless Bastards - How Low

Heartless Bastards
Heartless Bastards - A Beautiful Life (Sweet Unknown Records)
Heartless Bastards - How Low
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Today's Song of the Day is "How Low" from Heartless Bastards' new record, A Beautiful Life, out September 10th.

Heartless Bastards will be playing at the Fine Line on Wednesday, September 22nd.

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  • Heartless Bastards perform in The Current studio Heartless Bastards tried something new for their latest album. 'We've never done sort of a destination recording,' says frontwoman Erika Wennerstrom, explaining how the band decamped to Tornillo, Texas, to record 'Restless Ones' at Sonic Ranch, set in the middle of world's largest pecan farm. Listen to Heartless Bastards' stripped-down set and their chat with Mark Wheat.
  • Heartless Bastards performs in The Current studio Heartless Bastards encapsulates that all too classic story of the small Midwest band who quickly found an audience and rose to prominence. In their case, it was a hard-hitting approach to blues rock and frontwoman Erika Wennerstrom's lyricism which got them their accolades. The niche in music they helped to fill in the early aughts hasn't lost its importance - Heartless Bastards is still on the forefront of a scene which seems to be exploding in popularity.
  • Heartless Bastards perform in studio Heartless Bastards are a power trio whose members have taken a no-frills approach to life and music.
  • Heartless Bastards perform in The Current studios Heartless Bastards originally started as a duo in Cincinnati, featuring Erika Wennerstrom and Mike Lamping. They soon added Kevin Vaughn on drums and eventually signed with Fat Possum Records, releasing their 2005 debut CD "Stairs and Elevators" and the follow-up "All This Time" in 2006.