Natural's Not In It by Gang of Four

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At Home He's a Tourist
Damaged Goods
I Found That Essence Rare
Not Great Men

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A Brief History of the 20th Century
What We All Want (Live)
A Fruitfly in the Beehive
I Can't Forget Your Lonely Face
Who Am I?
You Don't Have To Be Mad
You'll Never Pay For The Farm
Damaged Goods
Love Like Anthrax
Damaged Goods EP
Love Like Anthrax
Damaged Goods
Is It Love
Left Of The Dial Disc 3
To Hell With Poverty
To Hell With Poverty
Return the Gift
At Home He's A Tourist
Damaged Goods
Natural's Not In It
To Hell With Poverty
We Live As We Dream, Alone
What We All Want
Solid Gold
A Hole in the Wallet
Songs of the Free
I Love a Man in a Unifor
I Love a Man in a Uniform
We Live As We Dream, Alo
We Live As We Dream, Alone
What Happens Next
Broken Talk feat. Alison Mosshart
Dead Souls feat. Hotei

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