The Lines You Amend by Sloan

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Everything You've Done Wrong
G Turns To D
The Good In Everyone

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89.3 In-Studio Performance
Beverly Terrace
In-Studio Performance Recorded on October 10, 2014
Keep Swinging (Downtown)
Laying So Low
Misty's Beside Herself
She's Slowin' Down Again
You've Got A Lot On Your Mind
A Sides Win (Singles 1992-2005)
All Used Up
Action Pact
The Rest of My Life
Between The Bridges
Losing California
Carried Away
Keep Swinging (Downtown)
Navy Blues
Iggy and Angus
She Says What She Means
Sinking Ships
Never Hear The End Of It
Can't You Figure It Out?
Flying High Again
Right Or Wrong
Parallel Play
Believe In Me
I'm Not A Kid Anymore
Witch's Wand
Pretty Together
If It Feels Good Do It
The Other Man
Sloan Christmas (Single)
December 25
Kids Come Back Again at Christmas
The Double Cross
Follow The Leader
Twice Removed
Coax Me

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