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Song of the Day

Music lovers from 89.3 The Current comb through mountains of music to choose the best new, independent, and unreleased songs to share with you each weekday.

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Night Moves - Feel Another Day

Night Moves
Today's Song of the Day is "Feel Another Day" from Night Moves’s album, The Redaction EP, out now. Night Moves will be performing at Surly Brewery on Thursday, September 29th for The Current Happy Hour. Read more

Bear's Den - Please Don't Hide Yourself Away (feat. Jade Bird)

A family of four seated on a bench at a campsite in a forest
Today's Song of the Day is Bear's Den, “Please Don't Hide Yourself Away” (feat. Jade Bird), from the Trying: Season 3 (Apple TV Original Series Soundtrack), out now on Communion Records. Bear’s Den will perform at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis on Friday, September 23. Read more

DEHD - Bad Love

Today's Song of the Day is "Bad Love" from DEHD’s album, Blue Skies, out now. DEHD will be performing at the Fine Line on Tuesday, September 20th. Read more

Santigold - Fall First

Today's Song of the Day is "Fall First" from Santigold’s album, Spirituals, out now. Santigold will be performing at Myth on Tuesday, October 25th. Read more

Lambchop - Little Black Boxes

Today's Song of the Day is "Little Black Boxes" from Lambchop’s album, The Bible, out September 30th. Lambchop will be performing at The Walker Art Center on Friday, September 23rd and Saturday, September 24th. Read more


728 x 90
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