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The Local Show with Chaperone Records, Jessica Paxton and Chris Roberts

The Local Show for November 4, 2012
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This weekend on The Local Show is a busy one! David Campbell will chat with Bob Monahan, the President of Chaperone Records, a new label out of Duluth giving many of their local bands a chance to shine. We'll spin new music from roster-artists Southwire and Lion Or Gazelle, two acts getting a lot of attention in the community.

David will also talk with MPR Art Hounds reporter Chris Roberts about the orchestra lockouts happening in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Andrew Swensson will explore the Northfield music scene with the help of Jessica Paxton. She was the main source in Jim Walsh's recent piece for MinnPost, calling Northfield the new Music City, Minnesota.

We also have an exclusive premiere of the next Van Stee single from their forthcoming album We Are out in early 2013.
Plus, lots of new music from the likes of Big Quarters, Velvet Davenport, Daymoths and much more.

Local stories from this episode:

Haley Bonar talks about her 'Bad Reputation' and how motherhood has influenced her songs

Gospel Gossip reflect on working with Neil Weir and persevering through personal upheaval

Moon Glyph releases free compilation

Local Radar: Real Numbers, Strange Relations and Velvet Davenport


Front Porch


Atlantic Blue

Gospel Gossip


Andre Cymone

Across The Universe

Nicholas Mrozinski

Bad Reputation

Haley Bonar



Hollow Heel

Actual Wolf

Gone Astray


Partner In Crime

Lion Or Gazelle

This Time He's Gone Too Far

Real Numbers

Urgent Care

Big Quarters

It's Too Bad

Story of the Sea

Blame It On Me


Would You Be There

Jim Ruiz Set

Valse Triste

Dominick Argento

All I Want

All Eyes

Terrible Beauty


Bruise Or Be Bruised

Prissy Clerks

Tantz (In Your Pantz)

Dirty Petrov and The Gentillionaires

Look Up At The Light

The Counterfactuals

Hide and Seek

Alison Rae

Here Lies The Heart



Velvet Davenport

Color in the Paper Planes

Van Stee

On Your Side

Friends By Fire

Down To The River

Pony Trash

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