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The Local Show with Sims, Mike Mictlan and Pony Trash

The Local Show for November 11, 2012
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This weekend on The Local Show has something for everyone. During the 6PM hour, Mike Mictlan and Sims of Doomtree will be in the studio to talk about the crew's 8th Blowout celebration happening December 14-16 at First Avenue. We'll spin a bunch of Doomtree-related material to get everyone in the spirit.

Local label Secret Stash Records also gave us access to the new Prophets Of Peace 7" coming out on Black Friday. Recorded during the sessions that produced other material which ended up on the Twin Cities Funk and Soul Compilation, these two new songs haven't ever been heard before.

During the 7PM hour, local band Pony Trash will take over the airwaves and spin loads of unreleased material and also talk about their new EP.

And Andrea Swensson will talk about a big upcoming story with Guante as well as a new mixtape that just dropped featuring mash-ups of local hip-hop and rock artists.

Local stories from this episode:

Make a Scene: New mixtape mashes together Minnesota hip-hop and indie rock

Local Radar: Van Stee, The Sunny Era and All Eyes

Local Gig List: November 5-11


Color In The Paper Planes

Van Stee

The Tribe and Big Cats! x Bloodnstuff

Dimitry Killstorm and DJ Name

Up All Night

The Sunny Era


Velvet Davenport

Gone Astray


No Way


The Fortunate Wayfarer

Paper Tiger


Mike Mictlan

Where We Land feat. Justin Vernon


Front Porch


Perils Of Pauline

Real Numbers


Prophets Of Peace

46th Street Bump Time

Prophets Of Peace

All I Want

All Eyes

Lightning feat. Chastity Brown

Guante and Big Cats!

Down To The River

Pony Trash

Fools Melodies

Web Of Sunsets


The Velveteens

Inner Worlds

Pony Trash

One Drum

Heavy Deeds

Hooked On You


Electric Sky

The Chambermaids

The Weight Of The Night

Pony Trash

Bruise Or Be Bruised

Prissy Clerks

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