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The Local Show with Prissy Clerks and Mark Gehring

The Local Show for November 18, 2012
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On this weekend's Local Show, The Beatles are taking over! Vega Productions' Mark Gehring will stop by to talk about the new installment of the Minnesota Beatle Project and premiere two covers from Van Stee and Big Trouble. Expect to hear many more renditions on the show in the coming weeks.

In the second hour of the show, Prissy Clerks will drop by to perform new songs off their debut album Bruise Or Be Bruised. We've been waiting a year for this one!

And Andrea Swensson will talk about a slew of stories including Nicholas David -- aka "The Feelin'" -- on The Voice, the upcoming Replacements tribute concert and new albums from Big Quarters and Chris Morrissey.

Local stories from this episode:

Chris Morrissey on how he learned to stop worrying and love the Kickstarter

BNLX offer free stream of new LP


Down To The River

Pony Trash

Red River Of The North

Rogue Valley

The Same

Nicholas Mrozinski

The Skinny Part of Idaho

Chris Morrissey Quartet

Silver Bullet

Ol' Yeller

Up All Night

The Sunny Era

Watch It Unfold

Dan Mariska and The Boys Choir

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite

Van Stee

You Never Give Me Your Money

Big Trouble


Prophets Of Peace

Basement Soul

Greg Grease

Water To Wine

The Rope



Front Porch



Solid Gold

Can't Hardly Wait

The Replacements

Urgent Care

Big Quarters

Tiny Brains (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Prissy Clerks

Blast-Off Girls (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Prissy Clerks

Bruise Or Be Bruised (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Prissy Clerks

Sky Sounds

Magic Castles

All I Want

All Eyes

Fine Print

Mixed Blood Majority

After You

Chastity Brown

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