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The Local Show: Top 20 Countdown

The Local Show for December 30, 2012
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We're closing out 2012 with our first ever local poll. Back in mid-November, we asked you to vote on the top local releases of the year. Over 27,000 votes later, we got the list compiled alongside some honorable mentions.

Thanks for making 2012 such a tremendous year. Visit this post on the Local Current Blog to revisit all the coverage we did of the artists below.

We'll see you in 2013!


Early Roman Kings

Honorable Mention: Bob Dylan

Tell Me

Honorable Mention: Dark Dark Dark

All The While

Honorable Mention: The Pines

Only A Child

Honorable Mention: Night Moves

The Renaissance 2.0 feat. Claire De Lune

Honorable Mention: MaLLy

Infectious feat. Buck 65

#20: Kristoff Krane


#19: Solid Gold

I Once Loved You

#18: Bomba De Luz

Just A Kid

#17: Lucy Michelle and The Velvet Lapelles


#16: John Mark Nelson

Top Down

#15: Marijuana Deathsquads

When I Was Your Queen

#14: Southside Desire

Gonna Git That Man

#13: L'Assassins


#12: Reina Del Cid

Smash Hit

#11: Lazerbeak

Hold On

#10: I Self Devine


#9: Jeremy Messersmith


#8: Mike Mictlan


#7: Motion City Soundtrack


#6: Now, Now

Wandering Star

#5: Polica


#5: Polica

Walt Whitman

#4: Trampled By Turtles


#4: Trampled By Turtles

Only Life I Know

#3: Brother Ali


#3: Brother Ali

Borrowed Time

#2: Prof

Swimming feat. Slug

#2: Prof


#1: P.O.S.

Get Down feat. Mike Mictlan

#1: P.O.S.

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