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The Local Show with Frankie Lee

The Local Show for April 14, 2013
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On this weekend's episode of The Local Show, Frankie Lee will be our in-studio guest in support of his new Middle West EP. JT Bates, Mike Lewis, Erik Koskinen and Ryan Young will join him for the session.

We've also got loads of premieres from the likes of The Goondas, Dessa, Is/Is and The Shouting Matches. And Polica's got a special surprise to share as well!

Kevin Beacham and Siddiq will also give us the low-down on what they're digging in the local hip-hop community.

Local stories from this episode:

Dessa will play Current Session at the Fitz on June 22, First Avenue June 29

Dessa's new full-length 'Parts of Speech' coming June 25

H2 Local seeking input on early Minnesota hip-hop

Phantom Vibration's Henry Mackaman passes away


Restless Leg

Har Mar Superstar


The Goondas



Summer Blood

Phantom Vibration

The Transfiguration Of Eugene Wolf

Joey Ryan and The Inks

One Two

Musab aka Sab The Artist

Lost Generation


Separate Rooms

Now, Now

Off The Cuff

The 4onthefloor



Sad Night, Where Is Morning?

The Ocean Blue


Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank


Love Lake

Make To It feat. Zoo Animal

Weird Visions

Workin On A Building

Beet Root Stew


Apollo Cobra

Dimitri Mendeleev


Country (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Frankie Lee

East Side Blues (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Frankie Lee

Horses (89.3 In-Studio Performance)

Frankie Lee

Mother When?

The Shouting Matches

Fool's Melodies

Web Of Sunsets

Cherry Pie

The Jayhawks

All I Need

Lucy Michelle

Frankie Lee performs in The Current studios

Frankie Lee may not be a familiar name to casual local music lovers, but his face sure is. For years, he has played with countless artists in the Twin Cities, most notably supporting Molly Maher, Erik Koskinen and Tom O'Reagan as a guitarist and bassist. Now Lee has stepped into the spotlight with his debut EP "Middle West."

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