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The Local Show with Dosh, Jim Walsh and Walt Dizzo

The Local Show for November 24, 2013
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On this episode of The Local Show, Dosh will perform songs from his new Milk Money release, as well as his contribution to the next installment of the Minnesota Beatle Project.
Jim Walsh — #1 Replacements fan — will also give us the scoop on his new photographic book about the band, and we'll spin a bunch of new songs from the Songs For Slim compilation.
Walt Dizzo's got updates on Duluth Does Low, as well as the forthcoming Red Mountain debut, and Andrea Swensson will talk about Atmosphere's Welcome To MN tour announcement, Haley Bonar's new song and the interactive Bob Dylan music video which just launched online.



Frankie Teardrop

Last War

Haley Bonar

It's Not Alright

Rabbit Holes

Put Me Through

Red Mountain

Stay (Rihanna cover)


Blue Jay Way (89.3 In-Studio Performance)


Summer Time Time (89.3 In-Studio Performance)


Unto Eternity

(89.3 In-Studio Performance)

She Said She Said


Will We Start Over

Information Society

If You Love Me

The Stylle Band

I've Got You On My Mind

Flyte Tyme

Somebody New

Lucy Michelle

It Ain't The Prettiest feat. Haphduzn, Carnage and Brother Ali


Rockin Here Tonight feat. Curtiss A

The Minus 5


The Replacements

Radio Hook Word Hit

Chris Mars

Times Like This

Frankie Lee

Talent Show

The Replacements


Dem Atlas

Spanish Romance

The Bit


Caroline Smith

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