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The Local Show for March 16, 2014
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Shhhh! This week on The Local Show quiet is the new loud. You'll meet Web of Sunsets, whose beautiful new album Room Of Monsters is a spacey and minimalist meditation on the ultimate quiet of both dusk and dawn. The band will joined me in The Current studios to perform and talk about the joy of making quiet music, and the battle to be heard.

And in the spirit of thematic congruence, we'll take a look at a handful of other artists that exist in the realm below the 100 decibel mark.

Now if quiet isn't your thing, don't worry. Music reporter Andrea Swensson will be in to rundown the local talent on the bill for Soundset 2014, including a chat with basketball phenom turned emcee Mac Irv.

You'll also hear debuts from Botzy, Medium Zach and Metasota, Heiruspecs, ACTN and the sonic assault that is Disasteratti.





Derobe Dance Band

Sullivan Ferry/Cocture 1860

Spaghetti Western String Co.

Weighted Wings

Brad Senne

Loner Strategy


Now We Know

Jeff Hanson

Your Stuff


No Place Like Home

Mac Irv

I Feel Fine

Gary Burger

Higgle-Dy - Piggle-Dy

The Monks

Be Right There


Upward feat. Metasota

Medium Zach

Love Without Fear

Dan Wilson


Jeremy Messersmith

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Sun 6:00 pm The Current KCMP