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The Local Show featuring Bob Mould and Stacy Schwartz

The Local Show for June 8, 2014
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On this episode of The Local Show, host David Campbell spoke with Stacy Schwartz, the entertainment coordinator for the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. Stacy previewed the 2014 schedule, and music from a few of the artists who participated that she really excited about.

Also, music reporter Andrea Swensson gave us the latest on the recently announced Jayhawk's shows and album re-releases, a Minnesota expat making music and representing upper middle America in Paris, and the June artist of the month Haley Bonar.

Most importantly, Campbell spent a good deal of time chatting with Bob Mould about his latest Beauty and Ruin, Workbook 25, and, of course, Husker Du.

Finally, The Local Show debuted music from Polica, Dave and Paul Pirner's new collaboration The Happy Roosters, Mike Munson, Maple and Beech, and Street Hassle, as well as the latest from John Mark Nelson, Lizzo, Leisure Birds, Southside Desire, Ben Weaver, Shiro Dame, tiny deaths and more.


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