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The Local Show featuring Hippo Campus and Andrea Swensson

The Local Show for August 10, 2014
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This week on The Local Show we were joined by Hippo Campus, an impossibly likeable quartet of young men ages 18-20. The they stopped by The Current Studios to perform a few songs, including the fantastic single "Little Grace." Host David Campbell spoke with the band about their forthcoming debut, The Halocline, and the challenges of maintaining a fan base as you make the jump to venues that your fans can no longer attend because of their age.

We also checked in with reporter Andrea Swensson for the latest from the Local Current Blog. This included news on a new Totally Gross National Product project called Jason Feathers, which includes Astronautalis, Justin Vernon, Ryan Olson and S Carey, and Doomtree member Sims' next release Field Notes.

Debuts this week included songs from Howler side project Dee Dee Mayo, Van Stee, Allan Kingdom, and a track from the aforementioned Sims release, as well as the latest from tiny deaths, Actual Wolf, Phantom Tails, Hollow Boys, the Doomtree crew and more!


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