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The Local Show featuring record collector John Kass and Local Current reporters Andrea Swensson and Jay Gabler

The Local Show for September 21, 2014
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This week on The Local Show you'll meet the legendary John Kass, a true record junkie, and one of the greatest collectors of LPs this state has ever know. He's currently in possession of over 600,000 of them. John's been the owner/operator of Go Johnny Go, since 1982, selling records through the mail, on the internet, and now at a brick and mortar location in White Bear Lake, and at Hi-Fi Hair and Records, and Dead Media - two new locations he co-owns. Hear John spin some of his all-time favorite songs by Minnesota musicians on The Local Show this week, and chat with host David Campbell on how in the world, during the worst period for physical album sales ever, he is going gangbusters.

We'll also check in with reporters Andrea Swensson and Jay Gabler for the latest from the Local Current Blog, including the dark side of nostalgia and Minnesota's place in 1984, "pop's greatest year." You'll hear debuts from Light Black, producer Psymun, Doomtree's Mike Mictlan, Nightosaur and another track from Toki Wright and Big Cats Pangaea feat. Caroline Smith, as well as the latest from Tickle Torture, Frankie Teardrop, Hollow Boys, fDeluxe, Two Harbors, and Pink Mink's latest b-side, one from The Buzzcocks songbook.


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