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Time Machine Tuesday - 1987

Time Machine Tuesday December 11, 2012
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This week on a brand new Time Machine Tuesday your host Bill DeVille takes you back to the year 1987.

It was the year of Black Monday, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped over 500 points, as well as a bad year for married men with scandals of infidelity looming over the heads of Gary Hart and Televangelist Jim Bakker.

But the year wasn't all bad, films like Beverly Hills Cop 2, Good Morning Vietnam, and Three Men and a Baby released. It's also the year The Simpsons debuted on The Tracy Ulman Show.

Not to mention the GOOD music from the year from artist like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr., and The Replacements.

It's Time Machine Tuesday at 10 PM on 89.3, The Current



The Smiths

Happy When It Rains

The Jesus and Mary Chain

See How We Are


Can't Hardly Wait

The Replacements

Could You Be the One?

Husker Du

Hang On St. Christopher

Tom Waits


The Sugarcubes

Sign O' The Times


Love Removal Machine

The Cult

Little Fury Things

Dinosaur Jr.

Red Hill Mining Town


Bring On The Dancing Horses

Echo and the Bunnymen

Elvis is Everywhere

Mojo Nixon

Casino Queen


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