DJ Jake Rudh hosts the weekly Minneapolis-based post-punk, new wave and indie dance night Transmission every Wednesday night at the Uptown VFW, and now, he brings the party to The Current each Thursday night at 10pm!

Freaks & Geeks

Transmission for June 14, 2018
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| 01:15:00

Jake Rudh doesn't watch a lot of TV -- he's too busy listening to records -- but one show Jake did watch years ago was "Freaks and Geeks," not only because it took place in the '80s, but because the acting and music were superb. Jake misses that show; and if you're a Transmission fan, you probably do, too.

That's why this week, we're going to revisit that groundbreaking TV program, complete with its freaky soundtrack and geeky characters. This one's dedicated to Haverchuck.


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