DJ Jake Rudh hosts the weekly Minneapolis-based post-punk, new wave and indie dance night Transmission every Wednesday night at the Uptown VFW, and now, he brings the party to The Current each Thursday night at 10pm!

music of 1982

Transmission for December 6, 2018
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| 01:15:00

This week , the program is all about a specific year -- and a year that hits a sweet spot with Transmission: 1982. That's because it's a year after MTV first started, and with it, introducing loads of obscure British New-Wave artists to American audiences. Think of bands like Duran Duran, the Psychedelic Furs, ABC, the Fixx, XTC, and loads of others. Jake Rudh invites you to tune in this Thursday night and find out why these songs and bands still pack a Transmission dance floor today.


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Thu 10:00 pm The Current KCMP