DJ Jake Rudh hosts the weekly Minneapolis-based post-punk, new wave and indie dance night Transmission every Wednesday night at the Uptown VFW, and now, he brings the party to The Current each Thursday night at 10pm!

Yacht Rock, Part 1

Transmission for June 21, 2018
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| 01:15:00

The first day of summer is this Thursday, and with it comes a Transmission soundtrack that fits open water and warm temps like a glove. Some call it West Coast sound, some call it soft rock or adult-oriented rock and some, like Jake Rudh, call it Yacht Rock. The annual tradition has been hugely popular the past few years as summer begins, so this week and next, Jake plans to set sail directly into the sunset accompanied the music that complements it best. So whether you're dancing in the dark or walking through the park, Jake hopes you'll join him ... and reminisce.


Program Schedule

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Thu 10:00 pm The Current KCMP