DJ Jake Rudh hosts the weekly Minneapolis-based post-punk, new wave and indie dance night Transmission every Wednesday night at the Uptown VFW, and now, he brings the party to The Current each Thursday at 10 p.m. Central!

David Bowie

Transmission for Jan. 3, 2019: David Bowie
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It's still so hard to believe that we live in a world without David Bowie, just a massive loss to the music and artistic worlds. Bowie would have celebrated 72 on Jan. 8, and that's exactly why we're going to be celebrating this week on Transmission. David Bowie was known as a chameleon, as he changed his style and tone throughout his career, finding success in pretty much all of it. We're going to get a good feel for that change as Jake Rudh takes us on a chronological Bowie journey -- from his first album until we run out of time -- this week on the show.


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