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9:30 Coffee Break: Scottish Bands Morning Show

9:30 Coffee Break: Scottish Bands

Steve Seel of The Current's Morning Show is away on holiday this week and happened to be in Scotland yesterday, the day before citizens vote on whether they want to remain in the United Kingdom or to break away as an independent country. He sent an update about his trip and requested a Coffee Break of all Scottish bands. You shared your suggestions, we played 'em on air. But we made a playlist, too, so you can listen to all Scottish bands on this historic day!

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Today’s Music News: Snacks the Cat re-emerges in PETA video with Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast Local Blog

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast has one of indie rock’s most famous cats: Snacks, who appeared on the cover of the first Best Coast album and has more Twitter followers than you. (Snacks is such a meme, he’s inspired a sub-meme in the form of Hipster Runoff’s Snacks the Cat Girl.) Snacks has now opened up about being adopted, via a PETA video […]

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