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Mac Wilson graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris in 2006, where he was a major contributor to KUMM, the college radio station. During his tenure at KUMM, he served as station manager and news director and spent four years as an on-air personality. He is known for his addiction to music, which is marked by constantly revising lists, mixes and playlists.

The Avalanches, 'Wildflower'

Album of the Week: The Avalanches, 'Wildflower'

The Avalanches' album 'Wildflower' isn't a record that easily clicks into focus, but the underlying infrastructure is not only apparent, it's fairly spectacular at that. The joy of the album is its consistent sense of surprise.

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The Avett Brothers 5

The Avett Brothers perform in The Current studio

In town for a show at Target Center with Brandi Carlile, the Avett Brothers stopped in The Current's studio for a session, during which they played some songs from their forthcoming album, 'True Sadness.' Watch two videos and hear the entire session.

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Marlon Williams 1

Marlon Williams performs in The Current studio

On tour with Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop, New Zealand singer-songwriter Marlon Williams visits The Current's studio for a session hosted by Mac Wilson. After encountering country music as a teenager, Williams has found his niche writing and performing in the Americana genre.

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Charles Bradley 11

Charles Bradley performs in The Current studio

Soul singer Charles Bradley sings not only from his heart, but from his entire being. Bradley, together with his band the Extraordinaires, bring their soulful tunes into The Current's studio for a session hosted by Mac Wilson. 'Music is what's keeping the world together today,' Bradley says. 'We've got to make it right all over the land.'

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Nada Surf

Nada Surf perform in The Current studio

Nada Surf, touring in support of their new album 'You Know Who You Are,' stopped in to The Current's studio for a session hosted by Mac Wilson. 'The beauty of pop music is that even if some of the forms have been repeated a lot, there's always some little twist that can give you the right that it's all different and that each song is its own little universe,' says frontman Matthew Caws.

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M83, 'Junk'

Album of the Week: M83, 'Junk'

M83's Anthony Gonzalez has spoken about attempting to resurrect bits of pop culture thought to be forgotten; his band's latest 'Junk', veers frenetically across a range of influences, giving the effect of an anthology of postcards from the past.

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The Lumineers, 'Cleopatra'

Album of the Week: The Lumineers, 'Cleopatra'

The Lumineers faced a steep climb after experiencing an enormous hit straight out of the gate. Their follow-up, 'Cleopatra', is a mixed bag; it contains some of the best music the trio has ever produced alongside less captivating work.

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Haelos 1

Haelos perform in The Current studio

London-based Haelos began as a studio project, but after being signed to Matador Records, they reworked their arrangements for live performance. 'Nothing feels better than being onstage with six people and all sort of jamming out,' says singer Lotti Bernardout. Haelos recently stopped in to The Current's studio for a live session hosted by Mac Wilson.

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