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Mac Wilson graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris in 2006, where he was a major contributor to KUMM, the college radio station. During his tenure at KUMM, he served as station manager and news director and spent four years as an on-air personality. He is known for his addiction to music, which is marked by constantly revising lists, mixes and playlists.

Grimes, 'Art Angels'

Album of the Week: Grimes, 'Art Angels'

Grimes's 'Art Angels' will almost certainly go down as one of the most boundary-pushing Albums of the Week we've ever featured at The Current. It is one of the strongest, strangest and best albums of recent years.

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Grammy Award statuette

Mac Wilson examines the major Grammy races

Following yesterday's Grammy nominations, The Current's Mac Wilson provides in-depth analysis and predictions in this year's major Grammy races. 'With the Grammys, what seems obvious is often obvious,' Mac writes, 'except for when they leave you reeling with a curveball.'

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Beach House, 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'

Album of the Week: Beach House, 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'

For a band as meticulous as Beach House, it is surprising they have another batch of songs to release so soon after their last, 'Depression Cherry'. The new album, 'Thank Your Lucky Stars,' is no surprise, no rarites collection; the quality of the new album speaks for itself.

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Walt Mink's John Kimbrough stops by The Current studio

It's been 10 years since Walt Mink last performed in the Twin Cities, but John Kimbrough has reunited with bassist Candice Belanoff and drummer Zach Danziger for a special reunion show taking place tonight at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis.

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John Grant - 1

John Grant makes music, dreams of a house on Lake Superior

John Grant's 2015 album 'Grey Tickles, Black Pressure' is racing up the U.K. album chart, but that's not Grant's primary interest. 'All I want to know is: When can I have my house on Lake Superior?' he says. Grant lives in Reykjavik now, but loves the Midwest. Passing through the region on tour, Grant stopped in to The Current's studio for a session hosted by Mac Wilson.

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Dan Wilson - portrait - 1

Seeing the visual side of songwriter Dan Wilson

Minnesota native Dan Wilson is renowned for his songwriting, but he is also an accomplished visual artist, specializing in calligraphy and ink drawing. Wilson's songs and visual art come alive at a show at Mia on Friday, Oct. 16; he tells The Current's Mac Wilson (no relation) all about it.

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Ezra Furman - 5

Ezra Furman cites many Minnesota-made influences

Although he's from Chicago, Ezra Furman names a lot of Minnesota-bred talent among his influences, Bob Dylan chief among them. 'Bob Dylan opened a door in [my] brain,' Furman says. 'That's what we want records to do, right?' Check out the complete in-studio session, hosted by The Current's Mac Wilson.

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CHVRCHES perform in The Current studio

As a teen, CHVRCHES' Lauren Mayberry discovered emo and feels that CHVRCHES' recent album, 'Every Open Eye,' treads in similar ground. 'It just means music with emotional content,' she says. 'That's what I look for in the music I listen to.' Listen to CHVRCHES' in-studio session and interview with Mac Wilson.

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