Mary Lucia

Host, The Current, Minnesota Public Radio
Mary Lucia

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Mary Lucia has earned a large fan base with her work as a broadcast personality, writer, actor and voice-over talent. Lucia began her media career doing evenings at REV 105, co-hosted mornings on Zone 105, and hosted a talk show, Somethin' Stupid, on 1500 KSTP.

From 1998 to 2001, she hosted the local music show Popular Creeps, a two-time Minnesota Music Award winner for "Best Locally Produced Show." For her work at The Current, Lucia has been voted best FM radio personality by City Pages seven times. In addition to her radio career, she has also appeared in commercials and in live theater productions.

Lucia likes cats and dogs more than people, wearing dead people's clothes and taking long walks off of short piers.

Creem magazine

Boy Howdy: Mary Lucia's ode to Creem Magazine

'Growing up, copies of Rolling Stone, Trouser Press, NY Rocker, Spin and Creem magazines were littered across the family coffee table,' writes Mary Lucia. 'Creem was a snotty, Midwest anwer to Rolling Stone.' Looch reminisces about the now-defunct Creem and shares some details about an upcoming documentary film about the ground-breaking rock mag.

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Mary Lucia at Sam Phillips Recording Services

Highway 61 Regurgitated: Mary Lucia visits Memphis

Mary Lucia fulfills some rock 'n' roll dreams by visiting that musical mecca on the Mississippi, Memphis, Tenn. 'The trip was flawless,' Mary writes, as she shares her insights and experiences from Memphis, which included visits to Sun Studio, Ardent Studio, Graceland and other landmarks, plus a lot of memorable conversations with fun and friendly people.

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honorary Minnesotans

Music acts who become 'honorary Minnesotans'

Mary Lucia looks at the phenomenon by which Minneapolis-St. Paul music fans embrace certain artists and bands as their own. 'Back in the day,' Mary writes, 'I remember everyone thinking Mike Doughty actually lived here, given his popularity and warm welcome from Minnesoter.' Which bands do you consider honorary Minnesotans?

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Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop

Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop perform in The Current studio

Sam Beam had the idea of making a duet record, but he didn't find the right collaborator until he stumbled upon Jesca Hoop's music. 'Her voice is fantastic, she has a really fun sense of melody,' Beam says. Touring in support of their album, 'Love Letter for Fire,' Beam and Hoop visited The Current's studio for a session hosted by Mary Lucia.

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Barns Courtney 7

Barns Courtney: We'll say we knew him when

Mary Lucia shares her thoughts about rising musician Barns Courtney. 'If I had my way and could predict the future of rock and roll, Barns Courtney would be huge.' See why Mary thinks the singer-songwriter may have a big future ahead of him.

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