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Live Performances from The Current

Sea Wolf performs in The Current studio

Sea Wolf

Los Angeles' Sea Wolf are a vehicle for singer-songwriter Alex Church, whose emotive and lyrically nuanced indie folk has earned him a sizable following.

Public Image Ltd performs in The Current studio

Public Image Ltd

In the immediate wake of the Sex Pistols' dramatic 1978 breakup, John Lydon shed his "Rotten" persona and emerged with Public Image Ltd, a new outfit whose dark, strange sound defined the new direction the UK music scene would soon pursue.

San Cisco performs in The Current studio

San Cisco

On the strength of their low-fi garage pop sound, the Australian four-piece has generated considerable buzz surrounding their upcoming debut album.

The xx perform in The Current studio

The xx

London's the xx established themselves with a stunning self-titled debut in 2009, welding sleekly contemporary indie dream-pop and hushed post-punk, with inflections of dance music and R&B.

Dinosaur Jr. performs in The Current studio

Dinosaur Jr. performance

Now with as many albums in the 2000s as they recorded in the 80s, the Massachusetts alt-rock band proves with each new release that the sequel can be better than the original.

Niki and the Dove perform in The Current studio

Malin Dahlstrom

Stockholm-based trio Niki and the Dove balances imaginative and playful songwriting sure to find favor among indie fans alongside beats and hooks so massive that it's not hard to imagine the band landing themselves on the pop charts.

Calexico performs in The Current studio


Tuscon, Ariz. band Calexico has made a career out of warping genres and musical traditions together into an eclectic, clever, and wholly original sonic stew.