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Anonymous Choir performs in The Current studios

Anonymous Choir

Dark Dark Dark's Nona Marie started her Anonymous Choir back in 2011, featuring a rotating cast of female musicians and close friends, some of which had never performed in a band before. The result is a gorgeous, stirring and stripped-down project focused solely on covers of their favorite musicians.

Rising stars Atlas Genius perform in The Current studio

Atlas Genius

Adelaide, Australia's Atlas Genius got signed to Warner Brothers in the wake of the success of their sleek, melodic indie-rock tune "Trojans," released as a single back in 2011. The quartet gave us a taste of their evolving sound on last summer's Through the Glass EP, and just a couple of weeks ago they released their debut LP When It Was Now.

Tegan & Sara return to The Current for a great performance

Tegan and Sara

Canadian twin-sister duo Tegan and Sara are one of indie-pop's most celebrated acts, having released seven full-length albums over nearly two decades as musical collaborators. They've also been longtime Current favorites, and returned to The Current for the third time for a chat with The Morning Show's Steve Seel and Jill Riley and a performance.

Dan Croll performs in The Current studio

Dan Croll

At only 22, British singer-songwriter Dan Croll has already kicked up a storm of buzz in his native country with his unique cocktail of charming, melodic indie rock and sleek, subtle electronic pop stylings.

Kurt Vile performs in The Current studio

Kurt Vile

Philly rocker Kurt Vile has been a psych-rock and folk-influenced racket for the better part of a decade now, both as a founding member of the indie-rock band The War on Drugs (which he left in 2008) and also as a solo artist.

STNNNG performs in The Current studios


When it comes to loud bands, it's difficult to out-do STNNNG. For 10 years, this local quintet has released some of the most acclaimed Minnesota albums and consistently challenged the strength of venues' sound systems across town.

Carroll performs in The Current studios


One of the fastest rising local bands right now is Carroll, a quartet that graduated from Macalester College last year and got their name from the street they lived on. A mix of psych-pop and Alec Ounsworth-esque vocals, Carroll just released their debut EP and has subsequently gathered all sorts of press and accolades.

Video: The Vaccines - "Teenage Icon" (Live at The Current)

The Vaccines

The Vaccines swung through the Twin Cities on their North American tour, and they were kind enough to drop by The Current's HQ for an intimate session. Enjoy this video of them performing an acoustic take on their awesomely catchy single "Teenage Icon."

Van Stee performs for 89.3 The Current

Van Stee

It has been a year in the making and Van Stee is following up their popular single "We Are" with a debut album of the same name. Concocted by Charlie Van Stee and Josh Kaplan, the now five-piece has been gaining steam in the Twin Cities with their Brit-inpsired pop rock.

Eels performs in The Current studio


Eels, the shape-shifting and long-running band that serves as a vehicle for the neuroses, quirks and fascinations of singer-songwriter Mark Oliver Everett, have entered the eighteenth year of their prolific and always-surprising career.