Guitar Collection: The Shelters' Josh Jove, Rickenbacker 360, 12-string

Josh Jove, Rickenbacker 360 12-string

When the Shelters performed their song 'Rebel Heart' in our studio, guitarist Josh Jove performed on a 12-string Rickenbacker. After the session, Jove told us about the guitar -- and that it was given to him by none other than Tom Petty, who co-produced the Shelter's self-titled debut album.

Tommy Stinson: 'It feels good to do my own thing'

Tommy Stinson

Tommy Stinson entered the music industry as the bassist for the Replacements. He's gone on to work with Guns 'n Roses and other artists, but now, Stinson is focusing on his own music, with his duo Cowboys in the Campfire and with the rebooted Bash & Pop. 'It just feels good to be able to do my own thing,' Stinson tells The Current's Bill DeVille. Listen to the complete interview.

Meet the artist behind the 'morphing Prince' GIF

Prince illustrations by Sarah Marks

Atlanta-based visual artist -- and Prince fan -- Sarah Marks was stricken with grief when Prince died on April 21, 2016. Five days later, she released a tweet with an animated GIF depicting many phases in Prince's career. 'I think most artists process grief through their art,' Marks says. 'I think it's a more natural process that way.' Read more about Sarah Marks and about the GIF that has made its way around the world among Prince fans.

The Current's Guitar Collection: Sara Watkins, Bourgeois Piccolo Parlor

Sara Watkins with her Dana Bourgeois guitar.

Following a recent in-studio recording session at The Current, Sara Watkins took some time to tell us about her parlor-style guitar. Watkins describes the inspiration for the guitar's vintage appearance, and she tells us what she likes about composing and performing on it.

The Avalanches Hear The World In Their Music

Avalanches group shot

In 2000 The Avalanches put out Since I Left You to mass critical and fan adoration. They've spent the last 16 years listening for the perfect samples to create their latest album, Wildflower, and still fall in love with the simple sounds of everyday life.

Angel Olsen Is Ready To Have Fun

Angel Olsen

Olsen's music has earned her critical acclaim, but also a reputation as a tortured soul. The 29-year-old songwriter's third album, 'My Woman,' showcases a more lighthearted side.