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The Current's Guitar Collection: James Hunter, Gibson Les Paul

When James Hunter saw a photo of Lightnin' Hopkins with a Gibson Les Paul, Hunter knew he wanted to get one. Hunter bought his Gibson Les Paul in 1999 and it's been his main instrument ever since; it's even had its neck replaced. 'This fight broke out; I wasn't there, but the guitar was,' Hunter says. 'Had it been the other way round, it'd be me with no neck!'

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Flavor Flav chats with Sean McPherson on The Current

Musician and rapper Flavor Flav of the legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy gave Radio Free Current host Sean McPherson and his listeners a wonderful surprise on Saturday, April 30: Flavor Flav arrived in the studio for a live conversation in which he talked about his music and about his memories of Prince. 'Being onstage with Prince is so electrifying,' Flav says. Listen to Sean McPherson and Flavor Flav's complete conversation.

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The fate of Prince's memoir is uncertain

Prince announced just last month that he was working on a memoir to be published in 2017. Rolling Stone called it "one of the most anticipated memoirs in music history." After Prince's death last week, however, the future of the book is uncertain.

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Apollonia shares her near-death experience on the set of Purple Rain

Following the death of iconic musician Prince, his 1984 film, 'Purple Rain,' is back in theaters as fans remember and celebrate Prince's life and work. On the 30th anniversary of the film's release, The Current's Andrea Swensson spoke to Prince's co-star in the film, Apollonia Kotero, about her experiences making 'Purple Rain.'

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The Current's Guitar Collection: Barns Courtney, Martin OOO-15M

Barns Courtney has only had his Martin acoustic guitar for six months, but it already looks road-worn. 'Everything I've been through, I can sort of see represented on this instrument,' he says. 'It feels more like it's mine, like it's more a part of me than some random instrument that I've picked up.' Barns Courtney's Martin OOO-15M is the latest addition to The Current's Guitar Collection.

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