Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album Review: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Psychedelic Pill

Neil Young dislikes mp3s and took pains to make this record as analog as possible, believing this to be the only way that fans can hear his soul, the time he puts into making his music and the wisdom of a life lived playing and performing.

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Album Review: Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

"Channel Orange" revels in the silence between beats; it makes minimalism sound bold and enlightened. It's also masterful in the way it intertwines R&B, jazz, electro-funk and psychedelia.

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Album Review: Solid Gold - Eat Your Young

The announcement of Solid Gold's new album came less than a month before the record hits shelves, proving our hometown boys have heard our pleas and wanted to get the record into our hands as quickly as they could.

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Album Review: Aimee Mann - Charmer

On Charmer, Aimee Mann's soft-rock approachability creates an interesting meta-experience: she's charming the pants off of us, just like the cads and ne'er-do-wells in her songs.

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