Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album Review: TV on the Radio, 'Seeds'

TV on the Radio, 'Seeds'

TV on the Radio's new album is a thrilling return: arguably their most accessible effort to date, while still retaining just enough of the inscrutability that helped put them on the map.

R.E.M.'s rich pageant

R.E.M. (L-R: Mike Mills, Michael Stipe and Peter Buck) perform during the NBC 'Today' show concert series at Rockefeller Center on April 1, 2008, in New York City.

Former R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck bemusedly noted, "People tend to think of us as this mystic art band." A new six-DVD box set chronicling the life of the R.E.M., titled 'REMTV', argues a good case for R.E.M.'s revered status. Read a review of the video series and accompanying documentary about the band.

Unforgettable videos from the 'Teenage Kicks' era

Collage of music-video moments from 'Teenage Kicks' host Jacquie Fuller's list of all-time favorites.

As 'Teenage Kicks' celebrates five years on the air, host Jacquie Fuller shares the videos that have stuck with her so deeply she could "storyboard them for you from memory." See if these videos jog your memory, and share your own favorites.

Album Review: Stars, 'No One Is Lost'

Stars, 'No One Is Lost'

Stars prove that measuring success on album sales and licensing deals is a poor indication of talent. On their eighth studio album, Stars bolster their brand of synth-based duets, proving they're the same band you know and love.

Album review: Foo Fighters, 'Sonic Highways'

Foo Fighters latest album,  'Sonic Highways,' is available worldwide on Nov. 10, 2014.

'Sonic Highways' marks the twentieth anniversary since the band formed to record their hit heavy debut album. Over the past two decades the band that once existed in the halo of Nirvana has emerged as Grohl's true legacy.

Album Review: Alt-J, 'This Is All Yours'

Alt-J, 'This Is All Yours'

Yes, you can enjoy Alt-J without knowing the lyrics, but you are missing out on some witty and smart moments. These guys are the Wes Anderson of music: they are self-referential; they allude to poets, books, movies and photographs; and they know how to twist the mundane into a crafty turn of phrase.

Album Review: Hozier, 'Hozier'

Hozier's self-titled album

Hozier's music is that of substance. On his self-titled release, he taps directly into the reality surrounding issues that matter, wraps it up in poignant lyrics, and delivers it in the smoothest sonic package you can imagine.