Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Best Coast, 'California Nights'

Best Coast, 'California Nights'

Led by Bethany Cosentino's engaging vocals and Bobb Bruno's emergence as a guitarist and arranger, Best Coast's third full-length album just may be the one that nudges them from being a good band to a great band.

Album Review: Blur, 'The Magic Whip'

Blur, 'The Magic Whip'

When Blur found themselves stranded after the cancellation of a Japanese festival, they killed time by booking time in a Hong Kong studio, laying down the bulk of what would turn into 'The Magic Whip'. The end result is a record that stands among Blur's best post-'Parklife' work.

Album Review: Alabama Shakes, 'Sound & Color'

Alabama Shakes, 'Sound & Color'

It's hard to put a finger on what Alabama Shakes are all about; they draw from a number of sounds and genres, and that's audible on the new album 'Sound & Color', the highly anticipated follow-up to the band's debut, 'Boys & Girls'. And there is no sophomore slump here.

Album Review: Laura Marling, 'Short Movie'

Laura Marling, 'Short Movie'

On her fifth studio album, 'Short Movie', Laura Marling has begun a new chapter in her life and her songwriting. It's hard to label Marling a folk artist now that she's picked up an electric guitar and started a band, but David Safar says 'Short Movie' is "the best album of her young career."

Album Review: Matt and Kim, 'New Glow'

Matt and Kim, 'New Glow'

Although alternative pop music is a breeding ground for bands aspiring to commercial success on the strength of a single track, Matt and Kim cast aside that formula to create a full-length album that shares the more honest side of their music.

Album Review: Death Cab for Cutie, 'Kintsugi'

Death Cab for Cutie, 'Kintsugi'

The latest album from Death Cab for Cutie continues the recent trend of alternative artists who explore the sonic depths of the 1980s. The result is a very enjoyable record. 'Kintsugi' releases on March 31.