Music and album reviews from the staff of 89.3 The Current.

Album of the Week: Chvrches, 'Every Open Eye'

Chvrches, 'Every Open Eye'

Chvrches' second album defines modern synth pop. Unafraid to embrace the pop sounds of the '80s, the Glasgow trio give us a glimpse of the future of dance music.

Album of the Week: Disclosure, 'Caracal'

Disclosure, 'Caracal'

'Caracal' is a production masterpiece featuring some of the best contemporary voices of 2015. It works as an album and is more listenable than most rock albums out this year.

Album of the Week: Gary Clark Jr., 'The Story of Sonny Boy Slim'

Gary Clark Jr, 'The Story of Sonny Boy Slim'

When Buddy Guy named Gary Clark Jr as the potential savior of the blues, that had to create some pressure. Clark's follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2012 debut took three years, and the result displays Clark's blues influences as well as his other inspirations. 'The Story of Sonny Boy Slim' is in fact, the story of Gary Clark Jr. And it's a very good read.

Album of the Week: Low, 'Ones and Sixes'

Low, 'Ones and Sixes'

The Current's Andrea Swensson has no qualms about declaring Low's 11th album one of the finest in the band's 22-year career. 'This is an album that cracks and sizzles, bursting with an electric energy,' Swensson writes.

Album of the Week: The Arcs, 'Yours, Dreamily'

The Arcs, 'Yours, Dreamily'

While some artists use the "side project" as an excuse to fly far from the nest, Dan Auerbach's new band The Arcs' release 'Yours, Dreamily' doesn't stray from the style that has made Auerbach one of the most successful rockers of the last decade.

Album of the Week: Beach House, 'Depression Cherry'

Beach House, 'Depression Cherry'

The latest album from Baltimore band Beach House proves that duo Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand are set on attaining success on their own terms while keeping the beauty and sanctity of music-making at the center of what they do.

Album of the Week: Wilco, 'Star Wars'


Wilco's newest album, 'Star Wars', is a rarity amongst Wilco albums in that it seems to actively shy away from analysis or deeper meaning. For us listeners, it may mean we can simply sit back and enjoy it.

Album of the Week: Mac DeMarco, 'Another One'

Mac DeMarco, 'Another One'

Mac DeMarco's fourth studio album is a mini-LP of eight songs that satisfy your curiosity yet leaves you wanting more. The Canadian musician has now relocated to Queens, N.Y., and perhaps the location change is apparent in some of his arrangements.

Album of the Week: Lianne La Havas, 'Blood'

Lianne La Havas, 'Blood'

Lianne La Havas's second album could be the release that brings her serious fame. The singer has power, strength and control of her voice -- a skill set that may establish her as a defining voice in the music world.