Haley Bonar performs in studio

Now calling Minneapolis her home, South Dakota-raised Haley Bonar joined Mark Wheat in the Current studios to talk about her past few years out of the spotlight since the release of her well-received "The Size of Planets." She also performed songs from her new self-released album, "Lure the Fox."

Songs: "Ransom," "Give it up," and "Hawaii"


  • Haley Bonar


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  • Haley Bonar - Live at the Minnesota State Fair Haley Bonar's beautiful melancholy tunes seem to be written by someone older than a woman in her early twenties. But that could be because Bonar has a lot of experience; she was playing gigs in bars well before she could legally drink in them.
  • Haley Bonar Haley Bonar is keeping busy. She's playing regularly in Duluth. Her new CD is coming out. And she's going on a national tour this spring. She's doing all right for a 19-year-old who quit college to write songs.