Connie Evingson and the Hot Club of Sweden

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Gustav Lundgren, Hampus Lundgren, Connie Evingson, Andreas Oberg (MPR Photo/Mike Pengra)

Twin Cities vocalist Connie Evingson already had a "hot club" jazz record out so she was ready to move on to her next project. But then she met the Hot Club of Sweden on a winter trip to Stockholm. The result is a new CD, "Stockholm Sweetnin'", that was released this summer in Minnesota.

This weekend. the Hot Club of Sweden is in the Twin Cities for the Uptown Row Django Jazz Fest and found time to join Connie in the Morning Show studio to chat with Dale and Jim Ed.

Songs performed: "Stockholm Sweetnin'," "After You've Gone," "Swing 49," and "Autumn in Kokkola."

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